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Full-Aluminum Furniture Profiles

One of the leading choices in furniture, aluminum is a superb option for furniture due to its portability, durability, and beauty. Aluminum will last for years, allowing you to get the most out of your money. Many designs are available because cast aluminum is made using the process of pouring melted aluminum into molds. The many benefits of cast aluminum furniture include: Cast aluminum won’t rust, allowing it to be used in any climate. Due to how the furniture is created, many designs are available, tending to every culture around the world.
Shenghai Furniture Extrusions Aluminium Profiles

Shenghai Furniture Extrusions Aluminium Profiles
Aluminum Profiles to Make Furniture

Aluminum Profiles to Make Furniture
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Aluminium profiles for furniture

Shenghai Aluminum is a trusted partner and producer of aluminum solutions for any need based in China. As a leading profile manufacturer, we provide a full range of products including aluminium furniture fittings. Our production services encompass all stages from metal cutting to the assembly of entire aluminum construction groups. Shenghai Aluminum furniture profiles are modern solutions for kitchen, living room, children’s room, and bathroom. Thanks to our high-performance machinery, we can make any aluminum front for furniture.

Broad spectrum of furniture aluminium profiles

Aluminum is used in modern design for aesthetic reasons providing a limitless area for design ideas and development possibilities. At Shenghai Aluminum, you can order any color of fronts from our rich palette as well as choose a surface treatment:

· Powder Coating

· Wood Grain

· Anodizing

· Mill-Finishing

Along with furniture solutions, we also produce wardrobe door aluminium profiles with an ergonomic design to protect the edges. With our wardrobe extrusions, you’ll be able to produce any wardrobes since our products provide you with unlimited possibilities for modern design solutions.

Excellent quality is guaranteed

Our furniture extrusions are made of aluminum alloy 6063-T6/6061-T5 meeting China Nation Standards as well as other quality requirements. The quality of each profile is ensured by using equipment with high processing precision. Our workers are fully-trained to produce the aluminum products. According to your particular requirements, we can provide drilling and milling for hinges, fastenings, and detents.

Shenghai Aluminum has already achieved a leading position on the aluminum profile markets of:

· China

· Africa

· South America

· Southeast Asia

· Mid-East

Shenghai Aluminum becomes a leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer and distributor thanks to:

· High Quality

· Vast Product Range

· Customization Services

· High Production Technologies

· English and Chinese-speaking Agents

· 10-Day Lead Time

· L/L, T/T, PayPal, and Cash Payments

· Fast Delivery

Only top-quality products at the reasonable prices for all our partners.

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